Eco-friendly hut

Healthy atmosphere thanks to Momos

At the mountain lodge Graziani we use “”momos catalyst Turenne” to counter on one side the electromagnetic pollution of the environment, the subsoil and electricity and on the other side to disintegrate harmful electronical artificial waves and anti-induce harmful waves of antennas and tele-radio broadcasts.

The water “Grazia”

We offer you the opportunity to drink our excellent Grazia water whose source is located near the lodge. You can find its features listed here below.
Measures of electromagnetic field at low intensity, carried at the water from the source of the mountain lodge Graziani, St.Vigil of Marebbe:
measures with instrumentation Turenne:

  • O.G. (wave-General): 7.86 m
  • Heavy H2O: Blue
  • traces of the following elements:
    carbonate, oxygen, sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, silica;
  • Wave field formation E.M. (electromagnetism): 88%

measures with instrumentation radio-aesthesic:

  • Bicarbonate, mg/l 265
  • Sodium, mg/l 6
  • Potassium, mg/l 3
  • Magnesium, mg/l 47
  • Calcium, mg/l 60
  • Silica, mg/l 21
  • Chloride mg/l 2,5
  • Sulfate mg/l 25
  • Nitrate mg/l 2,8
  • Fluoride mg/l 0,2
  • C.EM (electromagnetic coherence): 48%

The measures collected were repeatedly carried out over a three month period, starting from the first week of September until the first week of December 2011.

The potatoes that we use in our restaurant.

The potatoes we serve in the restaurant of the hut come from Riscone.


The pasta Felicetti

The kitchen of our hut uses the pasta Felicetti: a pasta from the Dolomites, which combines the tradition of “Made in Italy” with the high gastronomy. To the finest water and air of the Dolomites, Felicetti adds just ingredients, which are carefully chosen by producers, who share with us the goal of the highest quality.


Green energy SEL

The energy used in our hut is clean, renewable and eco-friendly. Green energy is the energy produced by south-Tyrolean hydroelectric resources. Green electric energy stands for clean, renewable, eco-friendly energy, produced without emissions of CO2.


Sun panels

The hut Graziani produces warm water using sun panels; also this is an important eco-friendly gesture.