Graziani's History

The first data of this mountain lodge on the Kronplatz go back to the 15th of March 1877, the day when the land was acquired and the construction of the first refuge of the congregation Marebbe began.
On 29 December 1891, after 21 years of letting the mountain lodge, it was bought by the owner of the hotel "Zur Post" in San Vigilio di Marebbe, misses Maria Mutschlechner, and is thus part of the possessions of the Mutschlechner family.
The refuge is then rediscovered in 1969 after a complete reconstruction by Rudi and Rosina Mutschlechner and is passed on to the son Alexander on the 21st of May 1976.
Alexander expands and changes the mountain lodge over the time and the result is the one we see today. Later also Emil, son of Alexander, as a cook and probably as a future owner, is part of the life of the refuge Graziani.